Thank you for your interest in adopting from KMSR!


Our current adoption fee is $145, which includes spay/neuter, age-appropriate vaccinations, FIV/FeLV testing, flea and tick preventatives, deworming and the initial exam. The fee for a pair of kittens is $250. 


As we are a foster-based organization, we do not have a brick-and-mortar location with visiting hours, so all meetings are by appointment only. Prior to meeting any kitties, all potential adopters must complete the application process.


Adoption Process


1. Please view our available cats on Petfinder at


2. From viewing the kitties, arrow down to the KittyMamas Sanctuary Rescue box and click on the “More About Us” button.


3. Click on the “Adoption Application” button, which will take you to Petstablished at the adoption application


4. Complete and submit your application through Petstablished


5. Once you submit your application, we will process it as quickly as we can. We will contact you as we are moving through the application process with questions along the way. Please be sure to let your references know that someone from KMSR will be calling and request that your vet (if applicable) release current pet information to us.


6. Once you are approved, we will arrange a time/day for a meet and greet for you to meet the cats and/or kittens that you are interested in adopting. As we are foster based, we may need to set up your appointment in such a way that you can meet multiple kitties by going to the homes of multiple foster parents.


7. After you choose the kitty/kitties you like, you will be required to sign our Adoption Agreement.


8. Once you take possession of the kitty/kitties, we go over tips and provide handouts for bringing home a new pet and introducing current pets to the new kitty/kitties. We will follow up the first night and again one week later to make sure things are going smoothly.


Kitten Adoption


When it comes to kittens, it is better for the kittens and for you to adopt two (2), as they will grow up healthier and happier, so it is our policy not to adopt any kittens under the age of six (6) months to any potential adopter as a single kitten, unless there is another young cat currently in the home. If a potential adopter does not currently have any young cats in their home and would like to adopt a kitten under the age of six (6) months, we require that they adopt a pair of kittens, for which we offer a discounted adoption fee.


Foster to Adopt Program


We understand how important it is to begin the bonding experience when kittens are at a young age. We also know how exciting it is to bring home a new addition to your family as soon as possible. To make each of these experiences possible, we have the Foster to Adopt program for kittens adopted in pairs. As kittens cannot be fully vetted (spayed/neutered and vaccinated) until they weigh at least 3 pounds, and the amount of time this takes varies by each kitten, we are not able to finalize the adoption process until a kitten is fully vetted.


With the Foster to Adopt program, you are able to bring your pair of kittens home as a foster and begin the bonding experience with them immediately, instead of having to wait for them to be vetted. This program is only available to kittens who will be adopted in pairs.

Foster to Adopt parents are required to check in weekly with the weight of the kittens, and once your kittens reach 3 pounds, we will schedule them for vetting. Once they are fully vetted, they will officially become your new addition!

If you are interested in the Foster to Adopt Program, please follow the Adoption Process. You will be required to sign the Foster to Adopt Agreement.


Foster to Adopt Application

If you have any questions about the adoption process, please email us at