As we are a foster-based organization,we do not have a brick-and-mortar location with visiting hours, so all meetings are by appointment only. Our fosters are the lifeline that allows us to rescue cats and kittens. Prior to meeting any kitties, all potential adopters must complete the application process. We rely on our fosters to donate a safe space, food, litter and love—and we provide the cats and kittens! 


If you are interested in fostering one (or more!) of our adorable kitties, please complete our Foster Application on Petstablished.

Preparing to foster cats/kittens:
-As kittens or cats may not yet be up to date on their vaccinations, they must remain separate from resident pets. A small room or even a bathroom is all the space you need!
-Prepare and kitten-proof a room, like you would for a toddler—put away small items, loose cords, anything breakable, etc. 
-Set up a clean litter box with fresh litter in a place as far away as possible from their food and water.
-Set up a large clean water dish (with fresh water daily)
-Set up a bowl for dry food (changing/washing the dish daily)
-Set up a dish for wet food, cleaning before each meal. 
-Set up a bed for the cats to sleep and a scratcher for them to scratch. 
-Toys and cat trees are loved and appreciated. 
Enjoy the fun of socializing, playing with and loving your new fosters!