Donate or Sponsor - Save A Life


We need your help!  As KMSR is a 100% volunteer organization run 100% from donations from generous people like you, who share our vision to save the voiceless and to spay, neuter and vaccinate all felines who come into our care and find them perfect homes.  Every dime KittyMamas receives goes directly for the medical care, supplies and daily living costs for our furry feline friends.


Since we started rescuing kitties in October of 2021, we have prevented well over 350 cats from procreating and continuing to increase the cat over-population, and we have found homes for most of them!  Our goal is to increase our rescues every year by at least 50% over the prior year.


You can also sponsor a kitty! What does that mean? Simply, you are funding their care in one form or another. It could be their one time spay/neuter and vaccination appointment. It could possibly be that you want to sponsor a few weeks or month of supplies to care for a cat or litter of kittens!!


Please help however you can! If you would like to sponsor, please include "sponsor" in your submission. 


Donate through Zeffy


Donate through Venmo


Donate through PayPay     


Donate through Petstablished


Donate with a check to KittyMamas Sanctuary Rescue (please email us for the mailing address)


We have wish lists on Chewy, Walmart and Amazon, with different Amazon lists for our different projects.


General List for everyday supplies list:


General List for everyday supplies list:


General List for everyday supplies list:


Kitten Nursery to help us prepare for kittens list:


Help us to have what we need to make rescues list:


Help us build our sanctuary list:


Thank you for helping us to meet our goal of rescuing lost, abandoned and ailing cats and kittens!